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Carefully lift the fence panels into position, sliding them down and between the U brackets and then secure in place with 35mm external grade screws. Step 14 Lay a piece of timber across the top of two consecutive posts and use a spirit level to check the posts are level. If need be, trim the tops of the posts down so they are all the same height.【Get Price】

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A garden trellis is the name given to the interwoven lattice design of the wooden fence. Incredibly satisfying to gaze at, the trellis panels creates a see-through boundary that is great for zoning your garden, supporting climbing plants, or hanging up signs, lights, or any other gardening paraphernalia you own.【Get Price】

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A fence made of double vertical planks gives a spacious effect together with good privacy, and lets wind pass through freely. Choose planks and posts made of planed and impregnated pine or other garden wood. The horizontal planks are 1.8x14.5x400 cm, and the vertical planks are 1.8x14.5x180 cm. The posts are 6.8x6.8x270 cm.【Get Price】

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It's a great idea to fix timber supports and bracing to hold the posts in place to sure the correct level. To achieve an outstanding finished looked of the fence it helps to leave roughly 1 inch free on the top of the hole, this is so you can be covered the top with with grass or soils so you don't see the concrete.【Get Price】

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Grey is the on-trend colour for garden fences and luckily for us, it’s a flattering colour. One of the best ways to get your fence perfectly grey is to paint it and let the wood soak up the paint before applying another coat. This dark fence line looks modern and it’s a great colour for planting against.【Get Price】

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Lay a landscape timber directly over the first landscape timber in the first level. Place one end on top of the end of the second timber on the first course, and allow the opposite end to lay...【Get Price】

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The most basic is a board on board fence, where the fence boards are nailed (using a nail gun, nailed at the support boards) with the distance of less than one board between them. Place the first board up and then use a level to “plumb” (vertical level) the board. Then, nail or screw the board in place.【Get Price】

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