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The paint has a viscosity of 90 – 100 KU, about 31% of volume solids in it, and 40% of weight solids, among other chemicals for shine and pigment. It is resistant to damage from chemicals, and it doesn’t take stains so readily either. This is really good for your floors because of its incredible adhesion, durability, and shine capacity.【Get Price】

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• Polyurethane floor paint is designed to protect and transform wood, concrete or stone floors either indoors or outdoors. • Tough and durable formula resists oil and grease stains. The product is ideal to use in a home workshop. • Very easy to clean, the paint dries to a beautiful semi-gloss finish and comes in 7 attractive colours.【Get Price】

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However, the acrylic formula of the paint ensures maximum bonding on your floor. That’s how KILZ guarantees a durable surface for a long-time. Whatever the types of paints, if the paint is versatile, then you will get everything in a single canister. That’s why it comes with 100% adjustability rates with wooded surfaces.【Get Price】

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There are four levels of sheen for wood paint and each has a different reflective quality defined by the percentages below. Starting from the shiniest, they are glossy (75%), semi-gloss (55%), satin (40%) and matte (20%). House logic has a great article on this so check that out.【Get Price】

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The success of the paint job very much depends on the nature of the traffic. If it is accessed with road shoes, the sand on the shoes will quickly sand down any kind of paint. In case, I would go for clear boat paint and put a mat over the traffic area. In case you want to go without a mat, go for a satin or matte finish paint. That way, the.【Get Price】

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The secret to a durable finish on a painted floor is the durability of the paint. Porch and floor paints hold up well to traffic without the need for sealers, but if you paint your floor with an.【Get Price】

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This video come from : High-quality, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation wood flooring, we are wood flooring and fen...【Get Price】

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