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Additives for WPC WPC additives can be divided into two major groups - functional additives and processing aids. The group names are self-explanatory. To put it simple, the former is in charge of WPC's physical mechanical properties such as strength, flexibility, UV-resistance, fire resistance, weathering resistance an so on.【Get Price】

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Although early WPC products were mainly extruded for pro- filed sections, nowadays, many injected parts made of WPC are being introduced for various industries, including electri-【Get Price】

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Additives for WPC’s - Civil Engineering Course PagesAdditives for WPC’s • Processing – Lubricants –Stabilizers • Antioxidants • Thermal • Other Fillers. • Disadvantages –Weight • Final product【Get Price】

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And on the extrusion line, processing additives are essential to achieving both economical line speeds and smooth surfaces without so-called edge tearing. The most critical areas of additive selection for WPCs are coupling agents, lubricants, and colorants, with chemical foaming agents and biocides not far behind.【Get Price】

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WPC for industrial applications: JELUPLAST. We have developed our WPC granulates for use in industrial processing. The biocomposites are suitable for conventional plastics processing machines, and have a proven track record in injection moulding and extrusion. Please ask for our product samples and test pieces.【Get Price】

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Lubricants are widely used in WPCs to improve extrusion rates, and several new products claim better compatibility with other additives and greater processing improvements. Foaming of WPCs is becoming increasingly important as they offer benefits such as weight and cost reduction, increases stiffness. Foaming makes the WPC more like wood for cutting and fastening, and maintains cost.【Get Price】

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A wide range of additives can be employed to enhance the properties and reduce costs in most cases. When it comes to WPC in construction applications, the most relevant properties are strength, stiffness, dimensional and thermal stability, time-dependent behaviour and weight.【Get Price】

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GENIOPLAST WPC additives improve processing when extruding plastic blends that contain wood, thereby making the manufacture more . Processing considerations for wood plastic We've discussed factors of wood plastic composite that affect design, but what about during the processing phase of plastic production Wood plastic composites.【Get Price】

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Algol Chemicals portfolio contains a wide variety of additives to enhance processing conditions and improve performance of the final product. If you’re searching for antioxidants, flame retardants, lubricants waxes, modifiers, pigments, titanium dioxide, uv-absorbers or -stabilizers for WPC applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.【Get Price】

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Composite lubrication Natural fibre composites (NFC) such as wood plastic composites (WPC), are composite materials made from plastic and fibres made from renewable resources (such as wood or plants). They are commonly used in applications such as outdoor decking, fencing, furniture, and automotive components.【Get Price】

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polymer processing and handling during manufacture, to improving part performance and aesthetics for end consumer markets. This brochure introduces our range of speciality additives to enhance wood plastic composites (WPC). Processing Today’s ever dema.【Get Price】

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Use of special dosing systems based on natural fibres: wood flours, natural fibres, cotton-like fibres, etc. Premixing different fillers and additives in a turbo mixer (dry-blend). Direct customer assistance at company’s facilities. Personalised training on processing WPC and selecting materials (natural fillers, polymers and additives).【Get Price】

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Created by our team of chemists for specific applications, our original additives have become the leading go-to solutions to aid in the processing of Rubber, Plastics, PVC and WPC compounds. The expansion of our product line over the years is, in many regards, owed to our customers. They put their trust in us to help solve processing issues as well as improve end product results.【Get Price】

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