how to paint up a retaining wall

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If the retaining walls are older, consider power washing to remove moss and mould. Once the walls are thoroughly washed and dry, use the putty knife to fill any holes in the surface. Once cleaned, cover the entire wall with two coats of Dulux Exterior Texture Primer. Step-4: Start the Paint Job【Get Price】

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The best way to paint a retaining wall is with a roller. Use an extension handle to reach areas above the comfortable reach of the painter. Use a 2 or 3 inch wide brush to fill in areas around the perimeter or places where a roller might not fit. If the concrete is scored, a brush can be used to paint the scores.【Get Price】

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Dont spend too much on the paint..just keep touching it up, stabilser will only bind down powery surfaces and it has to be able to absorb into whatever you put it pebbles stone and some rocks are out for a start.【Get Price】

Besides paint how can we improve the look of the retaining wall?

Paint will eventually start peeling and you'll have another problem in the long run. You can get deck planking and cut them a few inches taller and plant them in front. Or you can get flat backed decorative rocks and glue to the surface.【Get Price】

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If you just back-fill with soil then over time this soil will start pushing on the retaining wall and eventually push it over. You should back-fill right next to the wall with blue metal. The blue metal should be enclosed in geocloth so that the blue metal does not get contaminated with the soil.【Get Price】

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I'd like to paint the retaining wall in my backyard (1.72 metres at it's highest point, 23 metres across), and underneath the fence on the left side of my home (1.43 metres by 28 metres). I believe the retaining walls around my home to be made from single treated pine and is not in the best of shape - for a 7 year young house, it has not weathered well.【Get Price】

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