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Hyperion Pioneer and Explorer deck boards do not have a plastic protective coating. They are the same coloured composite material throughout; a material which contains up to 60% recycled wood. As a result, it contains natural wood oils, called tannins, which are dark brown coloured. This is the same substance that contribute to tea’s colour. These tannins are gradually washed out of the wood.【Get Price】

The Deck Handbook, Part 5: Problems With Composite Decking

Composite decking is sealed at the factory and does not need to be re-sealed when the deck is built. The sealing is part of the manufacturing, and the cost of sealing is built into the price of the material. Once sealed, a wood deck needs to be resealed periodically to maintain its structural integrity.【Get Price】

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Do you need help in selecting the right composite decking for a better decking solution? If you are in doubt of the kind of composite decking that you need, you can browse our product category and order your sample pack of our composite decking to see the quality for yourself. All our range of composite decking are quality material, and as good quality, they will last long.【Get Price】

RHINO HIDE® 10 Facts About Composite Decking

Composite decking is fade resistant, but it may fade over time in strong sunlight. Composite decking will get lighter in color tone as it fades. Natural wood, left alone, fades to grey. It will also get hot under those conditions, although certainly not hot enough to melt. Shading the deck is always recommended during the hottest, sunniest days.【Get Price】

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