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Whether you are building a wooden deck or a composite one from Deckorum, your deck must have a substructure. The materials you use to build your composite deck substructure are crucial. For starters, your deck needs to have a solid and long-term foundation. You will then need a frame for your deck which will then become the deck’s substructure.【Get Price】

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Building composite decking will be easy if you have experience building timber decking or working with wood. You should read further if you are a newbie and want to build your first composite decking. Before you advance, you must ensure that you have the strength to do the task and have other helping hands to assist with carrying the decking boards and tools. Then you should follow the steps.【Get Price】

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Take for example the base materials we use in our eco composite decking boards: 100% of the plastic is recycled and the wood chippings we use would otherwise have ended up in landfill. So we responsibly source recycled products and combine them to produce a sustainable, base material for our environmentally friendly composite decking boards.【Get Price】

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HD Deck® Dual is our most natural looking wood plastic composite deck. With its ‘capped’ design creating a protective layer that offers maximum protection against stains and the elements for an extra long life. HD Deck® Dual takes composite decking to the next level. HD Deck® Dual is made from FSC® 100% hardwood flour and recycled plastic which combine to produce a high quality.【Get Price】

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A key benefit of our products is their low maintenance requirements, so looking after composite decking is very simple. Here at SAiGE, we stock products that combine the beauty of authentic wood with the benefits of composite materials – which includes resistance to mould, rotting and warping.【Get Price】

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Composite decking comes in many colours. We have 2 ranges which is the Royale and Sollast decking. How Is Composite Decking Made? The composite deck board plastics are mixed and heated with bonding agents then pushed through a mould which will give it the shape and wooden design. Why Composite Decking Is Different compared to Wood Fibres Decking【Get Price】

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NYTimber has three composite decking ranges that are available from stock. The Composite Prime products, HD Deck 150,HD Deck Duel, and HD Deck Pro combine hardwood with recycled plastic to create a low-maintenance, durable, slip-resistant, and environmentally friendly deck. HD Deck 150【Get Price】

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There are three major things to think about when replacing parts of a wood deck with composite. The first thing to consider is the overall appearance of the deck. When you’re mixing materials, you’ll end up mixing finishes, too. The finished product will be a two-tone deck, but if you plan well, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.【Get Price】

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Moreover, composite materials will not warp, rust or rot. The combination of wood plastic means that composite materials are essentially waterproof. Another advantage of using composite materials for framing the deck substructure is that it is quite affordable. It may be slightly more expensive than wood but it is nowhere near steel.【Get Price】

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The initial investment in composite decking can save money in the long run: In contrast to wood decking (like Treated Pine, Cedar, Ipe, etc.), composite decking from companies like or AZEK/ will never need to be re-sealed or stained. However, just like wood, it does need some deck maintenance. We recommend cleaning your deck according to manufacturer instructions at least twice.【Get Price】

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Decks, whether for a home or business, is a major project that will require expertise and experience. We are one of the best composite and wood deck building companies Omaha Nebraska. You can check our wealth of portfolio to help you find the right design for your home or establishment.【Get Price】

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What composite decking is best for me? There are lots of brands out there. Typically, composite decking is made from a combination of wood fibres and various types of plastic. But there are composite decking options that contain no plastic at all. Prices vary dramatically across the range. If you are considering a cheap product, be aware that.【Get Price】

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