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Step by Step Guide to Building a Deck on a Slope (with.

Because you are working on a slope, you should measure horizontally from where the top of the deck will be. Use a plumb bob (you can make one with a string with a weight on the end) to find the exact spot for your stake. Once your stakes are in place, wrap twine around them to mark the outside edge of your deck. Determining Anchor Foot Lengths【Get Price】

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From here you can start to build and screw in a temporary frame. Be sure to include a slight slope for rainwater on your deck – it’s typically a 2mm fall for every metre of decking.【Get Price】

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Building deck on a slight slope. Here is rough plans. Garage on one side, with 2 new fences going up on other sides. These are not errected as of yet. I have read various advice on these forums but here goes anyway for my situation.. 1) Joist hangers? Needed? Building frame may be a bit tricky without them? 2) Attaching side to garage - just.【Get Price】

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