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Almost all plastic lumber manufacturers add UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants to their material. Without these additives the material would become brittle and weak after extended exposure to sunlight. Some also use heat stabilizers and inhibitors to retard degradation over time (due to causes other than UV exposure).【Get Price】

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People often ask us about the difference between our recycled plastic wood and recycled mixed plastic lumber. Our mixed plastic is a polymer composite combining the stiffness of polystyrene with the impact resistance of polyethylene (polythene). This mixture of waste plastics means that it is more difficult to create a variety of colours, and we usually only offer black and brown. Other.【Get Price】

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All MAXiTUF plastic lumber is made from recycled products that have been designed for a long shelf life. Therefore colorant and UV stabilizers have been already added once by the original manufacturer. To achieve the desired color and durability of our MAXiTUF plastic lumber, we add more colorant and UV stabilizers in our manufacturing process.【Get Price】

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For plastic sheet materials, it is also possible to apply a UV resistant cap layer to protect the polymer substrate from degradation. This approach is often used to improve the weatherability of ABS sheet. Review the list of Curbell’s weatherable plastics and compare properties to find the best material for your outdoor application. Compare.【Get Price】

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