how to build a wood flooring patio over cement patio

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Secure the first sleeper at the high point. Working your way out from there, use shims to create a flat plane. Drill pilot holes a maximum of 24 inches apart along the sleeper, using a hammer drill to drill through the wood and into the concrete ¼ inch to ½ inch deeper than the length of your screws.【Get Price】

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Use Tile To Cover a Concrete Patio. Give a tile facelift to an ordinary patio, from ‘DIY Network‘. Step by step photos and a full tutorial! Concrete Patio Idea – Cover Up with a Deck! Kelly at ‘View Along the Way‘ shows us how to build a deck over concrete. Perfect solution for an outdoor patio that needs updating. Great instructions.【Get Price】

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work on flat, level ground that is not adjacent to a building - so we won't need to take into account a damp-proof course create a sturdy sub-base to lay our patio on lay a square-shaped patio using square paving slabs lay the paving slabs in a stretcher bond pattern【Get Price】

21 DIY Patio Cover Plans-Learn How to Build a Patio Cover.

More concrete had to be poured to enlarge the back patio before the solid wood construction for the DIY patio cover began. These covered patio plans take you through the entire building process from the concrete flooring up through the shingled roof.【Get Price】

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As the wood absorbs this excess heat and humidity, it will twist, warp, and cup. Fortunately, there’s a great alternative to removing the concrete pad and building a deck with joists and posts: Advantage Deck Tiles™. These tiles are made specifically for installations directly over a flat surface such as concretes pads or balconies.【Get Price】

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If the patio stones start to wobble over time (or the sand begins to wear away), add additional sand between the cracks, sweep, and water with a hose to maintain a smooth patio surface. To prevent mildew and stains on your stone patio, plan to clean the stones at the beginning and end of the outdoor season with a pressure washer or by scrubbing with a detergent solution.【Get Price】

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Laying patio slabs. Make a mortar mix – five parts building sand to one part cement. If you’re laying a small patio, do this in a wheelbarrow, for larger areas it’s worth hiring an electric cement mixer. Lay slabs on a bed of mortar 5cm – 8cm deep, tapping down firmly with a rubber mallet or pressing down with your hands.【Get Price】

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Patio Flooring Over Concrete. So if you already have a concrete patio, but you don’t want to have to tear it out (NOT fun and NOT a one day deal!) then you have options. ‘Home Depot‘ shows us how to lay outdoor flooring over concrete – patio version. Looks amazing! You have to jump on over and see the finished project.【Get Price】

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Prepare your concrete. 2. Prime the back of the flags with a cement-based primer. 3. Create the mortar mix – add a 30mm layer. 4. Lay the paving slabs, leaving 8 to10mm spaces between them. 5. Fill the joints with the mortar mix and leave to set.【Get Price】

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