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Senstar - Property Perimeter Fence Sensors

FiberPatrol FP1150 is a perimeter intrusion detection system that can be fence-mounted, buried, or deployed in a wall-top configuration. Using its two sensor channels, FP1150 supports a cut-immune configuration. The fiber optic sensor is immune to lightning and EMI and requires no conductive components or grounding points in the field.【Get Price】

Fiber Optic Perimeter Security System - Fence Detection Systems

Deploying RaySense fiber-optic intrusion detection system is ideal for reliable perimeter security of 5 to 100km/3 to 62 miles through a single fiber-optic cable, detecting and locating within 3-20m/10-60ft over the entire perimeter. Connecting by network additional controllers provides unlimited cover.【Get Price】

Fiber Fence OptiMag Sensing System

Fiber Fence OptiMag Sensing System Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc. is pleased to introduce you to the latest in cutting-edge fiber optic security and monitoring technology. This website will introduce you to the basic concepts of fiber optics, as well as to the individual components that make up the Fiber Fence and Opti-Mag monitoring systems.【Get Price】

Fiber Optic Integrated Perimeter Data Security | Fiber SenSys

Four-zone Fiber-optic Intrusion Detection System Utilizing our new next-generation algorithm – built on our more than 30 years of success and leadership in perimeter solutions, the FD7104 delivers a browser-based embedded interface system for perimeter projects.【Get Price】

Fiber optic intrusion detection system | CIAS

A fiber optic intrusion detection system can be considered one of the best solutions for sites and targets for both theft and terrorism. These spaces, usually protected with perimeter fencing, can be further implemented in terms of security with the aid of a high-quality fiber optic intrusion detection system.【Get Price】

FD322 Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System

Fiber SenSys ® has developed the FD322 Fiber-Optic Intrusion Detection System as an all-new fiber-optic perimeter security sensor designed specifically for price-sensitive industrial, commercial, and retail applications. Two fully independent zones, each of which can support up to 500 meters of sensing fiber.【Get Price】

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