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Question: How can I fix my cracked Tongue Groove ceiling board?

“Tongue and Groove is pretty difficult to repair because you have the tongue and groove from which the board’s interlock with each other.” Todd Bird, Host of However, it can be repaired but when it’s repaired, the tongue is actually going to have to be cut so you can fit the board up there.【Get Price】

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How To Install Tongue-and-Groove Porch Or Deck Flooring Tongue-and-groove flooring is pre-primed and . So I applied a bead of exterior wood glue to the tongue on the . 1x4 Tongue and Groove Porch .【Get Price】

What is Tongue and Groove Decking? (with pictures)

Tongue and groove decking refers to boards of wood or composite material that are cut or molded with a groove — a long notch in the side of the board — on one edge and a protrusion — called the tongue — on the other. The tongue is cut to fit snugly into the groove of the adjacent board, and both the tongue and the groove are cut the entire length of the decking. The purpose is to.【Get Price】

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UPDATE 5 August 2018 - Cleaning and Grading boardsTools I made to do the job with relative ease and minimise damage to the boards.CLEANING AND GRADING UPDAT...【Get Price】

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It employs a tongue or protrusion on one edge of a board that fits into a groove or slot on an adjoining board. Each board has a tongue side and a groove side. Boards are nailed or fastened through the tongue, to conceal the nails. It gives an even, smooth finish without any nail heads showing. But removing it can be a bit of a challenge, since there are no visible nails to pull.【Get Price】

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Wooden tongue and groove boarding is very popular both internally and externally. Most of our timber t&g profiles are designed to be fixed vertically but can be used horizontally depending on location (weather exposure). We have tongue and groove cladding, t&g flooring and many more t and g boards. These are great as wall panelling, used in.【Get Price】

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Rotten porch board are a big issue with historic homes. In the video we will show techniques to replace tongue and groove porch boards both in the middle an...【Get Price】

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SoundDeck® acoustic floor boards comprise a resilient layer pre-bonded to 18mm or 22mm Tongue and Groove flooring grade chipboard designed to reduce impact sound. Regupol SoundDeck® acoustic floor boards can be used as an acoustic overlay for refurbishments and RD concrete sub floors.【Get Price】

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Use your pry bar to lift it up, then pull the groove away from the adjoining board. It should come away easily, since it is not nailed to that board. Then, use your pry bar and nail puller to loosen the nails in the next tongue edge. Pull the nails, then remove the board.【Get Price】

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If your spa skirt is stained or faded, but the structure is intact with very little wood rot, you can refinish your spa cabinet in the same way you would for any outdoor wood furniture or decking. Restoring a Wood Spa Cabinet. Remove the Panels: Use a cordless drill with a properly sized Phillips head to remove panel mounting screws. If you.【Get Price】

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For Tongue and Groove decking, a more aggressive pitch is recommended. We highly recommend using a 1/4" per foot slope. Framing material should be installed with the crown up (humps up) to aid in water draining off the surface material. Framing lumber can crown 1/8" or more, and may lead to standing water.【Get Price】

How to Remove Tongue and Groove Paneling for Refinishing.

Tongue and groove paneling has the advantage of allowing you to use fewer nails. This makes removing the panels a much easier and less labor-intensive process. Wood paneling also needs to be refinished periodically. Removing them from the walls is necessary for this project as well. Any nails that are used to hold them in place can be easily loosened through a nail setting tool. This will.【Get Price】

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Step 1: Remove Tongue and Groove Deck Boards. Take a pry bar to remove the nails and screws that hold the tongue and groove deck boards in place. Remove each of the damaged deck boards that need to be replaced. Check the joists underneath the deck boards for any damage as well. The joists are the boards, which the deck boards are attached.【Get Price】

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Deconstructing at the Ridgeway Church Road Lake House. A little how to remove tongue and groove boards by driving the nails on through with a nail set.【Get Price】

Tongue and Groove Roof Decking: All the Facts You Must Know.

Tongue and groove roof decking, especially the one from solid wood boards, is one of the two most common choices for residential use right now. The other one is plywood. The other one is plywood. If right now, you are thinking about which deck choice to add to your new roof design or to replace the old or damaged one, you are in the right place.【Get Price】

How to Remove Wood Decking

Place the crowbar underneath the board and hit it with the hammer to pull up the board and nails. It is also possible to use a deck board removal tool, which will make the job easier. If the board is screwed down, unscrew with a screwdriver.【Get Price】

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Sometimes a skirt needs the constancy of cement, and this decking rises from the ground as if the foundations stretch deep into the earth, giving this outside platform the reliability of bricks and mortar. The chosen stone adds interesting texture to the flat consistency of the clean, white deck-base while the vertical slats in the rails blend with the tongue-and-groove cladding of the.【Get Price】

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