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American Cherry Wood Flooring is a softer wood species than some of the others but you would find it hard to find another wood species that has such wonderful graceful graining and color. This wood species has a very distinctive charm and is popular because of its natural color variation from board to board and its warm natural color. Because of the unique graining and coloring of American.【Get Price】

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Part II: Wood Species (Types of Wood Flooring) A wood’s species refers to the type of tree it comes from. The look and feel of a hardwood floor is largely determined by its species, and there are dozens of species to choose from—ranging from domestics like oak and walnut to exotic imports like mahogany and teak.【Get Price】

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Acacia wood comes from the Acacia tree, of which there are more than a thousand worldwide. The type of Acacia used for furniture in Indonesia is Acacia Mangium. The wood is hard and strong by itself, but tends to bend a lot in the drying process. The grain is slightly similar to teak, but the color is different.【Get Price】

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The graph below only covers the customs product code 44 Wood and articles of wood, wood charcoal. This contributes approximately to 40% of the country’s export of wood-based products, while pulp and paper products account for over 50% of Indonesia’s wood-based exports. This demonstrates the particular relevance of the pulp and paper industry for the Indonesian forest sector.【Get Price】

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Wood Flooring Manufacturer will assist you to find quality wooden floor and parquet to enhance yours. Since we have many years of experience on flooring manufacturer, therefore we committed to present the finest wood flooring to meet all customers needs. Wide ranges of finest wood parquet in various colors will accomplish all home living spaces.【Get Price】

7 Most used Indonesian woods for furniture - Saillant Furniture

Also for boat decks and flooring it is used a lot because of its strength. To get the looks of teak wood for a lower price many companies also use teak veneer. This is a thin layer of 1 millimeter teak wood, which is glues onto a cheaper species of wood, or even onto plywood.【Get Price】

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Sengon or Albasia is basically a tropical wood, you can find it easily in the form of raft or board. Albasia wood is included in the list of soft wood due to its characteristic. The characteristic of this wood is hard to be finished, furry, has large pores, and can be broke easily.【Get Price】

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To cater to all your flooring needs, we have a wide variety of wood species to choose from. more.. There are thousands of species of timber in the world—from the exotics like ebony and rosewood to common species like beech, oak and maple.【Get Price】

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To give some quantification to the issue of wood species hardness, the lumber industry created the Janka hardness scale—a standard now widely accepted as the best means of ranking a wood's hardness. The Janka test measures the amount of force needed to drive a 0.444-inch steel ball into wood to a depth equal to half its diameter. The higher the rating, the harder the wood. While there are.【Get Price】

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When choosing a wood species for your cabinets it's important to understand the various qualities and attributes of the different wood species. We have many wood species to choose from, each having various densities, colors and grain patterns. Also understand that even two pieces of wood that are of the same species will differ from each other; the grain patterns, the colors, the shades, the.【Get Price】

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Maple is one of the most distinctive types of hardwood flooring. It’s notable for its characteristic grain pattern that sets it apart from other hardwoods. The species light color and uniform texture also help it appeal to the masses. Another highlight of maple hardwood flooring is its durability.【Get Price】

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