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Hi guys! We bought a gently used stock trailer with a wood floor and nice rubber mats. The mats are like-new but on our first outing with a horse I noticed that when he poops on the mats and steps in it they become pretty slick. Is there a way to remedy that? Because even if you start with a pristine trailer, poop happens!【Get Price】

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However, the trailer I bought recently had a rotten bit right at the top which I hadn't spotted when buying (stupid!) so OH has been on repair duty and he's used marine ply on the grounds that it doesn't have muck and wet sitting on it like the main floor could. Re rubber mats, there is a company called Berkshire Horsebox Bits that does all.【Get Price】

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Some owners are pretty particular about the space inside the horse trailer itself. One of the more important aspects to consider is actually the flooring itself! One of the highly recommended flooring type is actually wood. Let us now figure out which is the best wood for horse trailer floor.【Get Price】

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Stable Mats for Horses: Whether you need self-install lightweight horse stable matting for your stable floor, or a fitted bonded and sealed stable flooring solution, we can offer you advice and help you choose the right horse mat for your needs.【Get Price】

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Floor inspection: This is possibly the most important. If your floor or ramp are in bad condition it needs to be fixed. before you go any further or its used again. Unsafe, rotten or bad condition can have huge safety issues so if you’re unsure, contact a local horsebox of trailer specialist. I’m sure they will be happy to help.【Get Price】

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Now, you might be thinking that the type of flooring you have in your trailer isn’t all that important, but what you choose can make a big difference to your trailer, your horse, and your pocketbook. I’ll talk about five options to consider: Wood, Aluminum, Rumber, Polylast and WERM. Each choice is different and has its own advantages and.【Get Price】

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